Quick Felted Clutch Purse

Quick Felted Clutch Purse

A simple and quick felted clutch purse with step by step instructions.

What you need

Skeins Berroco Hip Hop (76 yards per ball) – as a substitute, you could use
1 strand of bulky wool (ie Lopi)

plus one strand of a DK wool (ie Nature Spun)

US 15-24″ circular, magnetic closure, decorative buttons or broach


Cast on 80 sts using US 15-24″ circs.

Join into the round being careful not to twist stitches.

Work (knit every round) until piece measures 4″.

Next row: *K6, K2tog* 10 times (70 sts). Continue knitting every round until work measures 9″.

*BO 6sts, K2tog* 5 times. 35 sts remain. This will be the flap. Since you are no longer in the round, work in st st until flap measures 7.5″. BO, weave in all ends. Seam bottom of bag.

Felting Instructions:

Place purse in washing machine HOT water (place clothing such as jeans in the wash to help with agitation).

Check on the purse every few minutes. Once purse has shrunk and stitches are no longer visible, it is finished!

Shape purse while it is still wet and let air dry.

This project was contributed by Sarah Marie Fuchs from Bellafilati.com


  1. This doen’t say how many skeins of yarn to use, it’s a little vague. Do you double up the yarn? Two strands?

  2. I would like to know the finished size of the purse before starting.

  3. How many skeins of yarn for this pattern?

  4. how many skeins

  5. I want to make this but how many skeins? don’t want too little yarn and unable to find same.

  6. I do like the purse, but definately a different colour.

  7. DisneyDancer1986 says

    I love the design, but would love it even more in a different color, but will definatly want to make this! =3

  8. what great and simple pattern I must say yay

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