Queens Shrug

Queens Shrug

I used an acrylic boucle but any sort of boucle or fuzzy mohair-type yarn would be good for this shrug pattern.

What you need

Approx. 250 yards (approx. 14 oz depending on the weight of the yarn) of a fuzzy or boucle-type yarn that knits up 9 stitches to 4″ in garter stitch.

Size 11 needles (or size to make gauge). I used double points for the circular knitting and switched



Not sure how it would work up in a regular bulky wool yarn — it might sag too much.

Size: Approx 45″ finished cuff to cuff, which hits between elbow and wrist on most average-sized women.

Back width (neck to waist) is about 21.5″. Back width is easily modified by changing the final number of stitches to more or less than 48. If you prefer full length sleeves, measure wrist to wrist and knit each piece to half that measurement.

Sleeves (make 2):

Cast on 20 stitches and work K2 P2 ribbing in the round for 3″.

(Begin working in garter stitch in the round)

* Next round: Increase 1 stitch each end.

Work 3 more garter stitch rounds.

** Repeat from * to ** until there are 36 stitches.

## Next round: Increase 1 stitch every 6 stitches. (42 stitches total)

(Now begin working flat (row knitting) but stay in garter stitch) Work 3 rows.

Repeat ## increases. (48 stitches)

Work in garter st. until desired length to center or about 23″.

Move stitches to scrap yarn or stitch holder. Make another sleeve.


Slip stitches from first sleeve onto another needle.

You can either join the two halves together by knitting or by grafting (kitchener stitch).

To join by knitting:

Hold the needles with the two halves right sides together in your left hand, needles parallel.

With a third needle, knit the first stitch from the front needle and the first stitch from the back needle treating them as one stitch.

Repeat across. Weave in ends and you’re done. If you use kitchener stitch and weave all ends in tidily, the shrug will be reversible

This project was contributed by Elizabeth Clouthier For more of Elizabeths patterns visit her website. Photo and pattern (C) 2001 by Elizabeth Clouthier.


  1. Lakeviewknitter says

    I made this shrug using Patons Allure. It turned out really well, nice and warm. I made it in one piece, just decreasing instead of increasing, working backwards to the cuff ( can you tell I hate seaming!). 😉

  2. it semms nice but…….it seems too complicated

  3. Looks so warm.

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