Pressed Flower Stained Window

Pressed Flower Stained Window

This project can be done in many styles and designs so use your creativity!

What you need

a variety of pressed flowers
colored card
PVA glue
Stanley knife


Step 1: On your colored card, plan a design to cut out using the shapes of your flowers. I have chosen a simple fish.



Step 2: Draw around the individual petals, taking care not to rip them with the pencil.

Step 3: Take the petals away and with the Stanley knife, cut 5 mm in from the edge, and cut the shape out leaving the inner 5 mm for the glue.

Step 4: When you have cut the shapes you can glue the petals back on with a cotton swab or just your finger.

Finally let it dry and you can let the sunlight filter through or hang it as a lovely ornament!!!


  1. I loved this idea! It’s very unusual and you could adapt it in a lot of different ways.

  2. wolfdance says

    hey guys, hope u liked this project, this is my first submission but theres always more to come!!!

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