Potato Sack Gift Wrapping

Potato Sack Gift Wrapping

This project shows you have to make some decorative gift wrapping using a recycled potato sack.

What you need

Potato Sack
Ribbons or flowers
Craft Glue


First you will need to clean your potato sack, you can do this by handwashing it in warm soapy water.

Do not cut the bag until after it has dried or it might fray apart.

Once washed and dried cut open the bag to form a large piece of cloth, or in this case a large piece of wrapping paper.

Cut your cloth down to a suitable size for your gift you wish to wrap and then cover the item. Secure the gift wrapping closed with craft glue not sellotape.

Once wrapped finish off with ribbons flowers etc.


  1. VERY cute!!! love the idea. This will work good for any gift thx!

  2. It sounds real good in principle but the craft glue will leak through the weave of the sack and stick to the gift. Be very careful to wrap first with plastic wrap or foil.

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