Polymer Clay Idea: Zack The Dragon

Polymer Clay Idea: Zack The Dragon

Create your own Zack the Dragon using Polymer Clay. The kids will love creating their own version!

What you need

Polymer clay: Green, Yellow & Red
1 Round toothpick
2 Seed Beads for eyes


Step #1
Make your pieces into the shapes shown. For the BODY roll a 1″ ball of green and taper the top for a neck. For the Feet roll two 3/8″ balls of green and shape into teardrops. For the Tail roll a 3/4″ ball of green and taper it into a log with one narrow end as shown. The Spikes are tiny green triangles. Roll yellow and red ropes for the Tummy as shown.

Step #2
For the Head, roll a 3/4″ ball of green and indent the top of it with the side of your thumb to make the nose stick out. Roll two 1/8″ balls of green for the Nostrils and press them onto the nose. Roll two 1/4″ balls of green for the Ears and flatten them into 1/4″ thick circles. Pinch the top as shown and press on to each side of head. Roll two 1/2″ balls of green for the Arms and shape into teardrops as shown. Roll two 1/2″ balls of white for Wings and shape into teardrops. Roll a 1/2″ ball of yellow for the Hair and shape into a triangle shape as shown.

Step #3
Press the large end of the tail onto the back of the body and curl it around. Add the spikes as shown. Attach the head to the body with a 1/2″ toothpick. Press the feet onto the front of the body as shown. Use toothpick to indent lines for the toes. Press red and yellow ropes on front for the tummy. Press an arm on each side of body. Use the toothpick to make fingers. Press the wings onto the back as shown. Press hair onto the top of head and use the toothpick to make the lines. Roll tiny yellow balls for the dots and press onto body as shown. Use toothpick to make holes in nostrils and wrinkles on the nose. Press two seed beads in for eyes. Bake the sculpture in a foil lined baking pan in a regular or toaster oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes.

(DO NOT use a microwave oven)
DO NOT bake at a hotter temperature than the manufacturer suggests. Let the sculpture cool in the oven. Now Zack is ready to display in your room or to give away as a gift. Use your imagination to change him and make him different colors. Always have fun with your creations!
If you had fun making Zack, you will enjoy making the critters in Joshua’s Book.

Hanging Around with Noah is a beautiful, full color instructional book with step-by-step instructions and photos to help you make the best sculptures possible to enjoy or give away as gifts. This project was submitted by Joshua Clay.


  1. This was a very good idea for a dragon.

  2. AWWWW. Very cute

  3. its cute

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