DIY Pokemon Pikachu Necklace

DIY Pokemon Pikachu Necklace

This Pokemon Pikachu Necklace is perfect for all the crazy Pokemon GO fans. It is kitsch but oh so much fun when you're trying to catch them all.

What you need

1 yellow flat bead necklace
Pikachu stickers
craft glue
Diamond glaze or spray varnish
blue buttons
Red pom pom edging
1 blue skein of embroidery thread
Mushroom beads (ebay)


To start with this necklace you will need a store bought necklace to use as a base. I chose this flat beaded necklace as it was bright yellow and would be easy to work with.


You may want to select your necklace based on the stickers you have on hand. You could also use printed images from the internet.

I used pom pom edging and made a small red pom pom for the bottom. You could use what supplies you hand on hand. The idea is to layer it with lots of different textures and lengths.


I made my own tassels by taking a skein of embroidery thread and splitting it in half. Use a loose thread to tie off each end. Then wrap the top of each end around 1/2 inch down and knot to secure. Complete the tassels by cutting the skein in half.


Place your stickers into the centre of the necklace. From this point you can decide where you will place your embellishments.

How easy was that!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!