Plushie – Gluttonous Bunny

Plushie – Gluttonous Bunny

This free sewing craft project shows you how to make a plushie, soft toy bunny that has had a little too much chocolate.

What you need

Assorted Fabrics such as fleece
Sewing Machine
Toy Stuffing

When complete body measures around 11″ (30cm’s) in height.


This pattern is a variation of our Wobble Bobble Plushie.

You can use recycled sweaters for the fleece body or use your old favorite track pants. Of course new fabric is great too.

Start by downloading the printable patterns (Pattern 1Pattern 2, Bunny Variation Pattern and Hands and Feet Pattern).

The pattern is designed to fit onto an A4 paper but you can re-size your printout to make any size.

Sewing your pattern pieces:

Sew the front contrasting panel to the main front panel.

Sew 2 panels together and leave a gap for filling,this forms the body. Sew the base into place and add the optional tail if you wish to do so into the base seam.

Sew each side of the ears together (See pattern variation for bunny) and turn inside out.

Sew the arms pieces together and turn inside out and stuff lightly with the Toy Filling or Wadding

Sew the shoe onto the legs with the leg seam towards the back.

Position the ears and arms in place, facing inwards (inside) before sewing the body to the base.

Put legs into position facing inwards (inside).

Turn the whole piece right side out through the hole in the back body seam. Finish off by stuffing the body firmly, sew up the gap and your body is done.

Sew eyes and mouth (using variation pattern) into place and eyes sew buttons onto eyes as shown in picture.

Optional Tail: The tail was made with scrap pieces which were sewed into the bottom base and then hand sewn onto the top of the head to form a handle.

All done!

Sad Bunny Pattern


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