Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Make a lovely little bird feeder using a large pinecone.

What you need


Large pinecone
Peanut butter


Take a pinecone and tie the twine to one end so that you have something to hang it with when finished.

Using the spoon push the peanut butter into the petals (openings) of the pine cone.

Fill all the petals with peanut butter. Use a tray or some paper to catch the spillage. Pour the birdseed over the pinecone so that it sticks to the peanut butter, covering the pine cone in bird seed.

Then just hang it up outside and you have a lovely little birdfeeder.


  1. put the seed and pinecone in a bag and shake.less fuss and mess.

  2. I found it worked much easier to use wax paper instead of a pan or tray and then simply put the birdseed on the waxed paper and roll the pine cones in the seed after covering them with peanut butter. And buy the really cheap peanut butter (generic), the birds will never know the difference and the cheaper ones have more oil in them anyway, which the birds need in the winter.

  3. if you live somewhere very cold you should use crisco instead, the peanut butter freezes the birds beaks closed

  4. one_sweetie02 says

    This project amazed me when I was little and it was a hit with two little boys that I babysat recently. Kids love it and birds love it. You can use colored yarn or glittery pipe cleaners instead of twine for a colorful addition.

  5. Classic. It worked in grade school and it still works now!

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