Penguin Coin Pouch

Penguin Coin Pouch

Let this cute feathered friend keep watch over your spare change (or even your earphones).

What you need

PDF pattern download below.
Leather in black, white and orange
Zipper (at least 12cm in length)
Multipurpose adhesive such as E6000



Start by printing the PDF pattern first.

Trace the pieces on the pattern onto the leather, and cut them out.

On one of the body pieces, carefully cut out the long rectangle for the zipper. This will be the back piece of your pouch.

Position the zipper underneath the rectangle cutout, and dab a bit of adhesive to hold the leather to the zipper in place.

Sew all around the zipper with black thread.

Carefully trim off the ends of the zipper that go beyond the penguin’s body.

Stick the eyes and beak to the white piece of the face.

Optional: Stitch them on carefully by hand or with the sewing machine.

Next, place the white body and face pieces onto the remaining black body piece. Dab some adhesive to hold it in place.

Top stitch all around the white pieces.

Sandwich the 2 body pieces together, dabbing a bit of adhesive at the edges to hold them together.

Top stitch all around the edges with black thread.

Trim any excess from the edges, and you’re done!

Keep coins or little knick knacks in your very own penguin pouch.

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