Pencil Angel

Pencil Angel

An angel that you will have fun making with your kids. Get them involved and have fun with this Christmas Craft!

What you need

1 pencil
2 chenille stems
construction paper
5 coffee filters
fine black marker
pink marker


Step 1. Roll one coffee filter into a tight ball to form a head. Place it in the center of the remaining filters, and gather around, twisting around the ball to enclose it.

Twist a 2″ length of chenille stem around to form a neck. Place over a pencil, loosening the chenille stem at the neck in order to push the pencil through, then twist the chenille stem very tightly to hold it onto the pencil.

A bit of glue may be added to the eraser before pushing it in to make it more secure.

Step 2. Cut a small piece of any color construction paper to form an apron.

Draw three hearts down the front with fine black marker, and make dash lines all around the outside edges. Color the hearts pink, with pink marker. Glue the apron onto front of the angel.

Step 3. Shape one chenille stem into a figure 8, then glue to the back of the angel. After it is secured, you may shape the wings any way you like.

Step 4. From the remaining chenille stem, cut a piece about 2 inches long, and form a circle, and glue it onto the head for a halo. Form the remaining piece of chenille stem into a loop for hanging, and glue it to the back of the angel. (This step is only is you wish to use it for a Christmas ornament.)


  1. awesome project.

  2. the projet is very good but it needs more pics

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