Hearts all Over Pillow

Hearts all Over Pillow

Create this fun pillow to add a bit of love to the room! It's got love written all over it!

What you need

burlap, felt, sewing machine, needle, embroidery thread, stuffing


1.Cut 2 Burlap pieces into 8″x12″ rectangles. I wanted this pillow to be smaller, but you can make it bigger it you wanted.

2. Cut out 15 or so felt hearts that are about 2.5″ wide in size.

3. Arrange all of the hearts on one of the pieces of burlap, alternating the direction of the hearts. Pin in place.


4. Sew the hearts down onto the burlap using a straight stitch around the edges of each heart. If you didn’t want to use your sewing machine for this, you could also stitch them on by hand using embroidery thread.

IMG_8410 IMG_8411

5. Place the 2 pieces of burlap right sides together and pin them. Stitch around the outside edges giving them a 1/2″ seam allowance and leaving a 4″ opening to flip right side out.


6. Flip the pillow right side out and fill with pillow stuffing. Stitch the hole closed using a needle and embroidery thread.


IMG_8413 IMG_8414 IMG_8415

What do you think of this project? Let us know!