Patriotic Macrame Wall Hanging

Patriotic Macrame Wall Hanging

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a simple but decorative Patriotic wall hanging for the 4th of July or Memorial Day. You can swap out the red, white and blue, for other colors to suit the season or your home decor.

What you need

Red, blue, white yarn

Stick or Piece of wooden dowel

Assorted Flowers

Craft Glue



For this tutorial, you will need a stick, one from the garden is perfectly fine, as straight as can be and not too thick.

Start by deciding how long you would like your finished wall hanging to be. The drop length. This will determine what size you need to cut your thick yarn pieces. Your yarn needs to be at least double the length you want it to be. For example, you want it 1 metre long, cut your yarn into 2-metre pieces, allowing a little extra for the loop.

Fold the length in half and form a loop, thread the string through the loop to create a slip knot over the wood. Do this with alternating colours until your stick is full of yarn.

Once you are happy with the yarn, start layering your flowers over the top. You should secure each flower and leaf into place with craft glue. Start with the biggest flowers on the bottom and use leaves and smaller flowers to fill in the design.

This wall hanging photo was contributed by Karla P B.



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