Create a Paper Christmas Town

Create a Paper Christmas Town

Papers, Scissors and Glue! Get ready to create a Christmas wonderland with the kids using the pattern for a metropolis that will light up your decorations this holiday season. Great fun for the whole family to do together!

What you need

Materials Needed:
1. Cardstock paper
2. Scissors
3. Craft glue
4. Marker
5. Paint and brush


paper house (1) paper house (2)

Templates: Print and cut out these templates to make the trees and the houses.paper house (3)

I used colored cardstock papers to make the houses and the trees. To make the trees stand you will need to cut thin 3 cm long pieces from cardstock for each tree.

Use marker and paint to add patterns on the trees and houses. I used white paint on the trees and black marker pen to draw the windows and doors on the houses.

paper house (5)

Fold the cut out house patterns and glue the sides and roofs to complete the houses. Glue small paper rings at the bottom back side of each tree so that they can stand straight.

paper house (6)

Take a small piece of white foam board and glue the trees and houses on it to create the town!


  1. it turned out reeky good but can you please add more about how to put on the roof? thanks, Marry Christmas!

  2. Well turned out, thank you. Merry Christmas.

  3. i think my 8 year old granddaughter will have a great time making it thank you.

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