No-Sew Felt Monster Banner

No-Sew Felt Monster Banner

Great for both kids and adults this easy no-sew monster banner is the perfect decor for a fun Halloween decoration!

What you need

Felt in multiple colors, Glue stick, Ribbon, Scissors, Hole Punch


1. Cut felt into 5 (or more) 4″x 6″ pieces from multiple colors.

2. Using your imagination, cut out eyes from white and black felt, hair, tongues & teeth.

3. Use a glue stick to adhere the felt faces down onto the 4″x 6″ pieces.

4. Punch 3/4″ holes into the top 2 corners of each monster piece.

5. Cut a 50″ (or more, depending on how many monsters you have.) and thread it through each corner.

Knot each end of the ribbon and you’re done!



  1. I especially love the one-eyed monsters. They are just too cute!!

  2. tabatha smith says

    what a cute project! I love it.

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