Needle & Wool knitters Brooch

Needle & Wool knitters Brooch

For this cute little project all you need is some basic knitting skills.

What you need

2 toothpicks
2 beads
Single Ply Yarn
Saftey Pin or Brooch Back


You can knit this brooch actually using the tooth picks or you can use small needles and slide them onto the tooth picks later. If your tooth picks are too rough try sanding them with a small piece of fine grade sand paper or even an emery board.

Start by gluing the beads onto the tooth pick ends and allowing them to dry.

Then begin by casting on your stitches around 10-15 depending on your tooth picks.

Then knit a few rows and glue the stitches to keep them secure. Use a long length of wool to roll into a ball and push your needle through it and again secure with a dob of glue.

Apply the brooch to the back and its ready to go.

These would make great gifts for knitters, you could even attach it to a knitting pattern for a fun pocket gift.

This Tutorial was written by and image supplied by Rachel


  1. Emmy Valentine says

    Very cute, would it be permissible to sell these at craft fairs?

  2. it was so easy to make …thankyou so much..bren

  3. LOVE IT!!!

  4. What a cute idea!

  5. I’ve done this before with a clay model for my local knitting store, before seeing this project. You collect thread and make it into yarn ball as you would do with dppns. then knit from it as you would do with a reg. knitting! It’s very easy and fun.

  6. Cute Cute Cute!

  7. Wonderful idea!!!!

  8. wow that is such a cool idea!!! 🙂

  9. i knit with tooth picks to get a fine pattern now i have a mini teddy

  10. Cute idea, love it.

  11. This looks neat..I going to make them for my Tops Club. Thank you so much

  12. Great idea to make for friends. Oh, and one for myself 🙂

  13. Even i had the things in the house to make this, turned it into a magnet ctrl d 🙂

  14. wow very cool not

  15. Hi, I think that’s the cutest pin I ever saw! Who knew you could knit on toothpicks!

  16. Adorable pattern ~ Thanks!

  17. Would be great on a greeting card also.

  18. fantastic idea

  19. super cute

  20. I am fairly new to the knitting world.
    It took longer to find my beads than to knit the little piece. My friend loved it!! Thank you for a wonderful quick gift idea!!

  21. HazelEyedGal says

    The gals in my knitting group loved this! I made one for each with their favorite colors.

  22. Very cute!

  23. Cleaver use of bits of yarn.
    I like it!

  24. creativemind says

    This is great! I’m going to make this for the lady who is teaching me how to knit. She’ll love it!

  25. Thanks so much! a friend of mine had one and I always wanted to make one to have.


  27. That’s wonderful!

  28. Great idea for knitters to make for self or friend

  29. very easy to do

  30. Great idea and very cute too. 🙂

  31. cute idea for a knitter who has everything…..

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