DIY Necklace – Wooden Spool

DIY Necklace – Wooden Spool

I made this spool necklace from three mini-wooden spools (3/4" long) and two smaller spools (1/2" long) that I painted brown and slightly distressed with sand paper.

What you need

Wooden spools
Fabric scraps


I glued abstract printed fabric onto the spools.

I created a tassel with some sock yarn that had the appearance of embroidery floss.

I covered my gathering knot with a small piece of the fabric.

The spools are strung on 20″ of copper-tone chain.

Take the spools with you to the craft store to buy some chain that will fit through the holes in the spool.

The necklace is a useful way to use up some of those fabric scraps you have laying around.

Hmmmm, I’m thinking the smaller spools alone would make a cute bracelet.


  1. I think it looks cool. even if it wouldn’t be used as a necklace. CRAFTY (hahaa pun not intended) idea to put the fabric scraps on it. its pretty sick!

  2. Seriously?? Who wears this stuff?

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