Metal Washer Necklaces

Metal Washer Necklaces

These adorable washer necklaces can be made for any occasion and are perfect to wear no matter what your age.

What you need

Flat metal washers (I used 1 5/8″ washers from Home Depot; but you can use any size)
Circle template or punch (I used a 2″ punch and trimmed the excess and a ¾ punch for the middle hole)
Pattern paper
Modge Podge
Diamond Glass Glaze
Scissors (fine tipped in order to trim around the washer and cut with precision)
Emery board (fine-grained sand paper)


The necklace can be dressed up with accessories such as beads, glitter, sparkles, adhesive backed jewels, etc. You create the pattern for your necklace with pattern paper such as scrapbook paper (B&T paper for scrapbooking).

Cut a circle to fit the washer and punch a hole in the middle of the circle.



You can also use a razor knife to cut the hole out of the middle. Place the flat washer on wax paper.

Spread Modge Podge on one side of the washer and then cover it with the patterned paper circle making sure that it fits exactly. If the paper is hanging over the side of the washer, then use your micro-tipped scissors to trim excess paper. Sand around the perimeter of the washer with the emery board and make sure the paper is adhered to the washer completely and that the paper is not popping up anywhere.


Once the paper is completely glued to the washer then take your diamond glass glaze and squeeze it onto the paper in the middle all the way around the circle. Then use a tooth pick to spread the liquid evenly onto the washer covering the paper evenly.

Make sure the diamond glass seals the edges of the paper around the perimeter of the circle and in the middle. Let the diamond glass coat dry for at least 12 hours (overnight).




Once the liquid glass on the washer is completely dry then cut the leather or silk cord, ribbon or hemp to the desired length and attach to the washer. Hold the cord so that each end is even and make a loop in the middle, thread the loop through the middle of the washer and then wrap the two ends around the washer and thread them through the loop making a sort of slip knot around the washer.

Embellish the necklaces by hanging a charm in the middle and placing beads at the top of the leather strapping or Hemp cord


You can purchase inexpensive charms from craft stores or online. On one the necklaces I used filigree charm from the Close to my Heart catalog (these are charms for scrapbook pages).



Another idea is to put glitter or sparkles (jewels) on the paper before you seal it with the diamond glass I used clear sparkles on the pink and brown patterned necklace to give it some bling.



  1. These will work great for our ladies retreat at church this spring. Easy but BEAUTIFUL!

  2. CraftLover98 says

    Amazing idea! I can make these for friends, family, and teachers! Thanks for this cheap and cute idea!

  3. Ok, now I want a huge package of washers. I have scrapbook paper that I love and haven’t scrapbooked for so long. It would make beautiful necklaces!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think this is a wonderful idea, itnis perfect for me, I am 72 years old and it is an intertaining craft and allows me to use my imagination without a lot of gathering of items as over the years I have saved beads etc, all I need is the washers and what ever I want for the string to put it on Thank you for sharing

  5. Can you clarify the punch sizes you used? I can’t read them.

    Thanks! Love the necklaces!

  6. I used Modge Podge for the paper and the Triple Thick as the glass coating and it worked great!!

  7. pennyjo1947 says

    Great idea!!! and btw, that is called a Larks Head knot, frequently used in Macrame.

  8. If you go to you can fill out a short survey and mail by postal mail and they will send you a free sample…BTW love this project it would make an excellent one to do with a group of girls such as Girl Scouts or church youth group

  9. If you go to their website: you can get a list of stores that sell it. Not many in my area, so I was wondering about Modge Podge or Triple Thick instead?

  10. You can get Diamond glaze at any craft store. It’s used for scrapbooking so check that section. I’ve used this brand ( in the past and it worked well. I did this project a few years ago for middle school kids during a summer class and they had so much fun!

  11. Where do you get diamond glass? I have looked everywhere and can’t find it! I really want to make this craft! would mod podge work as a glaze?

  12. Pamelalynn says

    Awsome thanx for sharing !! grate idea !! can you make mathing earings as well? maybe with a smaller washer perhaps?!!

  13. I think this is awesome and I’d like to try it, but I can’t find the Diamond Glass anywhere. I can’t even find it online to order it.

  14. amazingly simple and absolutely beautiful.

  15. Where do you get diamond glass?

  16. They are beautiful!

  17. pennyjo1947 says

    LOVE this project, learn so much from you girls on here, Thanks. Oh, and FYI, that is called a Lark’s Head Knot where you loop the cord around the washer. Ah, shared knowledge is a wonderful thing!!! LOL

  18. Would you suggest using goggles with this project? Metal fragment or metal dust can be blinding.

    This is really neat! Do you think enamel paint and clear sealant would work for decorating the washer as well?

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