Nautical Foldover Clutch

Nautical Foldover Clutch

An easy foldover clutch you can make in a sitting and take it out after. The combination of stripped fabric and leather brings this simple pattern up a notch.

Finished clutch measures 24.5cm (w) x 16cm (h)

What you need

Fabric such as denim/canvas*
Lining fabric
7 inch zipper

*Upholstery-weight fabric recommended, add a layer of interfacing to stiffen fabric if needed


1. Print out the PDF pattern and join the pages by matching the grey circles. Cut out fabric and leather according to the pattern.


2. Cut a strip of fabric from the scraps that is the same width as the zipper, and about 5cm long. Fold one end under and topstitch it down to one end of the zipper. Repeat for the other end of the zipper.


3. Place zipper on top the body piece, center the zipper and trim off the excess ends of the zipper strips.


4. Top stitch the leather corner pieces to the bottom of the body piece of the fabric.


5. To sew on the zipper, stack the these pieces in the following order (remember to line up the edges at the top and the sides):
– Fabric body piece (right side up)
– Zipper (right side down)
– Lining body piece (right side down)


6. Stitch along the top, 1cm from the edge.


7. Now onto the other side of the zipper.  Stack these pieces (again, lining up the top and side edges) in the following order:
– Leather body piece (right side up)
– Zipper piece (right side down, line up the un-sewn zipper edge to the top of the leather)
– Lining body piece (right side down)



8. Stich the top, 1cm away from the edge.


9. Turn over the layers and you will see that the zipper’s done!


10. Fold the layers so that the following pieces meet:
– Fabric to leather
– Lining to lining
Hold the pieces down with bulldog clips if needed. Sew all around, 1cm from the edge, leaving an opening at the end of the lining. Be sure to leave an opening large enough (about 80% of the opening) to turn the bag inside out.


11. Clip the edges near the zipper to reduce bulk.


12. Turn the bag inside out through the opening in the lining.


13. Topstitch the opening of the lining, about 0.5cm from the edge.


14. Stuff the lining back into the bag, and you’re done!



  1. Catherine Elliott says

    As Joanie Wilcox says (above) where is the actualpattern to download???

  2. Joanie Wilcox says

    This is so cute and easy, but I don’t see where I can download the actual pattern that is mentioned in the tutorial.

  3. Wish they had made a video tutorial. It’s cute though.

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