Natural Flower Card

Natural Flower Card

Add some hessian fabric to this card to give a great textured feel.

What you need

Pink cardboard
Hessian fabric
craft glue
Silk flower head


To make this card take your cardboard and fold it into your chosen card size.

We started by gluing the hessian square in a diagonal shape onto the card and fraying the edges.

We took a silk flower and cut away the back stem from the flower and glued the flower down onto the card.

Keep pressure on the flower to help make it stay flat whilst it is gluing.

All done!


  1. A beautiful card any girl will love.This is in my making list

  2. Translation for U.S. crafters: “Hessian” fabric is burlap.

  3. Why would you call it a “natural” flower card when it’s made with a silk flower? Photo corners would help the design.

  4. It’s simple but I find it very attractive:)

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