Napkin Ring – Charms

Napkin Ring – Charms

This project is very quick yet effective, using store bought Christmas charms you can create these wonderful napkin ring holders.

What you need

Christmas Charms
15 Round 5mm beads & 15 round 3mm beads in christmas colors
Small gauge Jewelry wire or fuse wire.


Using your wire cut a length 25 cms long. Twist the end into a loop to prevent your beads from slipping off and begin threading them on. Alternate your large beads with your small beads, when you have added 15 of the beads add your Charm and begin threading the beads again.

When all the beads are finished off twist the two wire ends together and cut off any excess wire.

Note: using smaller charms you can make wine glass charms in the same fashion.


  1. charming& attractive design

  2. Cute – and simple. Could use this for any holiday or special dinner!

  3. This is soooo cute. My sister & I were trying to think of new things to do this Christmas and this will be one of them. We might use elastic instead of wire and let the little girls take them home with them.

  4. a pretty craft!!

  5. very good for children to make

  6. so cute

  7. DisneyDancer1986 says

    This would make lovely stitch markers for knitting!! =3

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