Modge Podge Dollar Tree Decorative Plate

Modge Podge Dollar Tree Decorative Plate

This craft tutorial shows you how to take a simple Glass plate and turn it into a decorative paint using Dollar Tree Supplies.

What you need

Dollar Tree Glass plate
Modge Podge
Printed Fabric or Paper
Paint Brushes


This decorative plate can be used for any seasonal project, simply select a fabric suitable for the season, this one is made for Halloween using Skeleton fabric. These also make wonderful Christmas plates, especially for santa’s cookies.

First thing you need to do it cut the fabric to fit the plate, allow 1/5 inch overlap to make working with it easier.

You can purchase the plates here for $1

Coat the back of your plate with modge podge. Now I am not a big fan of modge podge as it can be very expensive. Did you know you can make your own modge podge? It’s PVA or white wood glue, with some water to form a spreadable mix. It works out much cheaper and is also a creat paint sealer on projects.

Lay the fabric onto the plate and smooth it down, if you have done decoupage before then you will know to start by applying pressure in the middle and working out towards the edges. This helps the air bubbles to escape out of your Decorative plate design to avoid bumps and ripples.

Trim the edges of the fabric, I find this easiest to do when you allow the first layer to dry. Then trim, then reapply the glue to those cut edges. make sure you get all the edges as this will help ensure the fabric doesn’t begin to lift and will give your project longer.   Allow to dry and re-apply a second coat for durability.

To clean your plate use a damp cloth do not submerge into water.

These images were contributed by Kate and Nick C. We saw their project and knew we had to feature it. Well done guys it looks amazing, thank you so much for sharing with us.

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