Milk Carton Birdhouse

Milk Carton Birdhouse

Who knew that the humble milk carton could be used for so many things besides holding milk? In this project, use it to make a birdhouse!

What you need

Milk Cartons


  1. Clean out milk carton.
  2. Decoupage, paint, or wrap in wrapping paper.
  3. Cut out two holes on one side of carton, about two inches apart.
  4. Hot glue raffia, moss, or small twigs into holes.
  5. Hot glue two birds into holes as well, or place one perched on roof.
  6. Sit on table, shelf, ect. or using string or raffia, make a tie to hang it.

There are many options for personalizing this project such as:

  1. Use decorative wrapping paper to match any room, or simply use paper that looks like weathered wood for walls and separate paper for roof.
  2. Use moss to cover roof for a country look.
  3. Add perches to the bird holes by making small cuts under holes and hot gluing a twig in the new holes.
  4. Cut out an outline of a cat, prowling along and glue to bottom of birdhouse.


  1. would love to have a picture

  2. pity there is no picture!

  3. scrapexpress says

    picture would be helpul. Re: people commenting that the bird will kill itself, I think this is a decorative bird house…used just for decoration not to actually have birds eat out of.

  4. Need to definitely see a picture!

  5. directions aren’t much good without a picture

  6. i think the bird will kill itself on the side of the carton!

  7. it is awasome because i love killing birds right when they start to come out of the bird house

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