Quickest DIY Kids Microphone

Quickest DIY Kids Microphone

For pretend plays and concerts, there cannot be a quicker microphone idea than this one.

What you need

Toilet roll tube
Aluminium foil
Sticky tape


Decorate the toilet roll with paint or crayons.

Take the aluminium foil and make a ball big enough to sit on top of one end of the toilet roll.

This is the microphone and the toilet roll is the handle.

Using tape or glue secure the aluminium ball to the tube.

Glue on some streamers for added decoration.

Let it dry and then start singing.


  1. Hmmm…

    It is alright, just it would be more for little kids.

  2. Very easy for toddlers, but the foil probably needs a ball to give it the shape

  3. Might look better :

    Add black construction paper around the tube. Wrap the silver foil over another object — such as newspaper or ping pong balls.

  4. It’s too simple it is good for toddlers but the microphone itself doesn’t look good. *_*

  5. its really nice for smaller kids, and you could even put a shiny wrapper around the tube to give it a more real effect.

  6. little kids will REALLY like it. i can make one for my brother!

  7. It’s not the highest quality, but it’s made for preschoolers, so they won’t care! It’s fun!

  8. it dosen’t really look that well

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