Make Pretty Vintage Button Necklace

Make Pretty Vintage Button Necklace

Have a huge collection of vintage buttons? Great! Select the buttons you like and make this pretty vintage button necklace with the help of this tutorial.

What you need

Vintage buttons, Satin ribbon, Faux leather or rexine, scissors, hot glue gun, lighter, cutting pliers.


Step-1: Vintage buttons usually have small loops on their back. Cut them off with the help of cutting pliers. Try to make the bottom of the button as flat as possible. Cut off the loops of all the buttons you will need, to make the necklace.

Ste-2: Cut enough rexine or faux leather piece to arrange the buttons as you want. Glue a satin ribbon with the rexine or faux leather. Keep even amount of ribbon on both sides.


Step-3: Apply hot glue on the back of the button and quickly place the button on it’s place (on the rexine). Try to create a nice pattern.



Step-4: Trim rexine or faux leather neatly near the border of the buttons. With the help of a lighter burn the top side of the trimmed rexine to secure the satin fabric. Done!

What you need

Approx a 1 inch cloth vintage buttons from man’s shirt
and a smaller matching button.
Adjustable ring back
Silicone craft glue


 This ring project shows you how to make a elegant vintage ring using vintage buttons from an old man’s shirt. You can purchase vintage buttons online and at thrift stores. Your ring will be unique because it will feature your own vintage find.

Take the first button and adhere it to the ring back, finish it by adhering the second ring into place. 

Allow to dry before wearing and avoid water.



  1. Love the look of this. I have my buttons arranged and ready to go but not sure what I will use in place of refine.

  2. are you aware that when you remove the wire loop from the buttons are no longer of any value to a collector? some old buttons are worth a great deal of money when left intact.

  3. purrcatlady says

    Love it… wish I had buttons like that.

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