Make A Paper Snowman

Make A Paper Snowman

Tired of all the fluffy and classic snowman crafts? Give this dimensional snowman using paper a try. It's easy to make and won't cost much.

What you need

To make this snowman you will need:

1) Craft paper,
2) Scissors,
3) Glue,
4) Template.


snwman (3)

Step-1: Take an A4 size white craft paper, you can use cardstock paper as well. Draw this template on the paper. Cut out the template nicely.

snwman (5)

Step-2: Make folds along the dashed lines of the template. Notice the extra thin parts on the sides of the template. These parts will be joined with the main pattern next to it to complete the shape.

snwman (4)

Step-3: Apply glue on the extra part from the side. Glue it with the triangle pattern on the other side by folding the paper neatly. The side is attached. Now attach the top and bottom part of the template. One by one apply glue on the extra parts and glue it to the triangle shape next to it.

snwman (2)

Step-4: Done making the shape? Similarly make another shape. This one should be larger than the previous one. The big one will be the body and the small one will be the head of the snowman.

snwman (6)

Step-5: Use an orange cardstock or craft paper to make the nose of the snowman. Cut the pattern on an orange cardstock or craft paper as shown in this picture. Cut out the pattern, fold and glue the side to complete the nose.

snwman (1)

Step-6:  Glue the dimensional nose on the snowman. Draw the eyes and mouth of the snowman.


Step-7: Glue the dimensional head with the dimensional body part to complete the snowman. Draw buttons on the body part. Enjoy making one!


  1. I would like to have the template. thanks

  2. I want to do this but don’t know how to download the template?

  3. I would like the template too.

  4. beautiful and smart

  5. Janice M. Salotti says

    A cute idea. How do I download a template?

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