Magnetic Photo Frame

Magnetic Photo Frame

Use paper and magnet to create a photo frame that the kids will love to make!

What you need

Magnetic Photo Frame
Paper (White)
Paper (Three Colours)
Foam Sticky Dots (25-30)


Step 1: On your piece of white paper, trace around the magnetic photo frame. Then cut it out.

Step 2: On each piece of the colored paper rule up about 10.1 cm squares and cut them out.

Step 3: Peel the backs off the sticky dots and stick them in different places all over the white paper frame you cut out earlier.

Step Four: Put the little squares of colored paper on the stick dots.

Step Five: Glue the white paper frame to the magnetic photo frame.

* Be creative and think up a new design to make.

* You can add other stuff to your frame like beads etc. to add more color.


  1. Nice! you’re recycled crafts here are wonderful ^_^

  2. I like it very much.

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