Lolly Tree – Cone

Lolly Tree – Cone

This project is very easy and is a great gift. You can make them large or small depending on the family size.

What you need

Wrapped sweets (Christmas colors look great)
Poly Styrene cone or cardboard
Pins or hot melt glue


Using some cardboard cut out a cone shape and stick the cone together using glue, staples or sticky tape. If you have a polystyrene cone then you are ready to begin.

Take your wrapped lollies or sweets and start at the bottom.

Either pin the lolly or place a small dab of hot melt onto the cone.

If you are using hot melt then place the bead of hot melt glue only on the wrapper end or the lolly will not pull away later.

Place the first row so that the end of the sweet is flush with the bottom of the cone. This will allow the cone to sit flat no a table.

Start on the next layer resting the bottom of the sweet on the top of the row below as to hide the pins or glue marks.

Keep doing this until you get to the top then finish it off with a little decoration.


  1. what kind of pins would i use for this?

  2. this helped me alot thanxs

  3. great stuff, now i can sell them at my local markets to share the love.

  4. What a really nice idea, and it looks easy enough to do too. I’m going to give it a try.

  5. This looked great at our church cristmast party, though it was just wrappers by the end. I used a cardboard base.

  6. I use a terracotta pot as a base, a small piece of dowel will plug the hole in pot then push a foam ball on top. Pin your lollies on, I always spray paint the pot gold and glue ribbon around the top of pot, they always look gr8.

  7. my mum makes them with fruit bursts 😀 they are awesome as..s
    it only takes her about half an hour i think.

  8. Turned out beautiful! I made two, one for my daughter’s teacher and one for an aide. I used taped together cardboard, but I taped on the chocolate wrapped candies. The candy was too heavy for the pinning method and the pins kept falling out. These two ladies are crazy over chocolate, so I know they will love these gifts! Thank you so much for sharing your idea.
    D. Walden, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  9. That’s AWESOME!!!!!!! Does it take long does anyone know? 😀

  10. yum….

  11. cool

  12. Excellent idea! Great for kids to help with too! I am going to make some for the teachers this year instead of hours of baking- thanks!

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