Little Peep Pal – Free Bunny Pattern

Little Peep Pal – Free Bunny Pattern

A fun easy craft project for a bunny this Easter. This is a peep pal bunny pattern brought to you by the fine Michael Ann.

What you need

Spring time colored felt, hand sewing needle, coordinating thread, stuffing


First, you will need the peep pal pdf pattern, available for free via!

Using the pattern, cut out 2 peep pieces, a front and back as well as 3 small circles for the eyes and nose. Also cut a 1/2 inch wide strip of felt that is 15 inches long for the side of the body.

Stitch the eyes and nose onto the face, using a matching thread color.

Now take your strip and stitch it to the top of the body, all the way along the outside. You can use either an angled stitch, or a more vertical stitch.

When you come back to the beginning, cut the ends of the strip so they meet and stitch them together along the cut ends.

Now stitch the back of the body to the side piece! You might need to adjust as you go to make sure it fits just right.

If you want to use your peep as a keychain, cut a small strip of felt to make a loop and add it to the top of the peep while sewing the back. Make sure to stitch it a couple extra times to make it extra secure.

Before stitching the peep closed, stuff it with a whole bunch of stuffing. Using a pencil or chopstick can help get the stuffing into the ears.

When it’s stuffed good and solid, stitch up the end closed and tie it off!


  1. So cool! I can’t wait to make one!!!!!

  2. So cute!! And very easy. I think I’ll be making a few of these to give at Easter!

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