Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan prayer flags typically are thought to promote peace and harmony. What a nice symbol to have in your busy home to remind you to slow down and remain calm.

What you need

Fabric transfer paper for a printer, string, glue, flag template


You can download a Tibetan prayer flag (via: http://www.buddhaofcompassion.org/free_stuffs.htm).

Shrink the photo down to the size you like and copy and paste it  so you have lots of little flags.

Print them out onto fabric transfer paper and iron them onto thin cotton after waiting for the ink to dry completely.

There are two traditional ways to display the flags. To mount them vertically, glue sets of the 5 colors onto toothpicks and  put them in a jar or cup.



To hang them horizontally glue strips of them onto embroidery floss or thin yarn. These can either be hung up or mounted between some kind of ends. We made triangles out of balsa wood and sea glass so the flags can be moved around easily.

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