Lip Balm – Soft Honey

Lip Balm – Soft Honey

This basic recipe makes a very soft sweet honey lip balm which will nourish your lips and leave them shiny.

What you need

1 tbs Vaseline or petroleum jelly
1/3 tsp honey
Small container


First you put the Vaseline and honey in a small microwavable container and microwave until melted. You can also use a double boiler method to melt down the vaseline.

Mix well and pour into pots allow to cool before use.

Ensure all containers are sterile by boiling them to prevent contamination of your lip loss.

If you wish to dye this balm you can use a cosmetic coloring available from home made body product supply stores. You can also use a small amount of store bought lipstick to tint the balm.

Alternatively you can also use colored beeswax or candle dye as it is being used in such a small quantity it will not stain or harm your skin.

Looking for a lipgloss or chapstick that is a little more luxurious? Check out our recipe for making your own goat’s milk lip chapstick. The goat’s milk in this recipe will leave your lips soft and smooth. The PH Level in goat’s milk is super skin-friendly and the lactic acid helps remove dead skin cells from your lips for a soft and brighter smile. The ingredients are so basic for making this lip balm you will be surprised! You may even have the chapstick ingredients in your fridge or pantry.


  1. yeah, but the honey went like… really hard and caramelized for me

  2. I like that it’s easy but I don’t want it honey flavored so how could you change that? And can you add things to make it longer??

  3. rockergirl112400mc says

    do u have to melt the vaseline & honey?

  4. When I made this, the honey went to the bottom, and the petroleum jelly/vaseline went to the top. Other than that, it was great!! I am giving it for a late X-mas gift, and I bet the person I’m giving it to will love it! I microwaved it the first time and it separated, now I am going to try it with the double boiler instead!

  5. Use Coconut oil (unrefined) n some olive or grape seed oil instead… If you want it thicker add beeswax don’t use the petroleum IT is NOT healthy.

  6. thanks, i think this is gonna help me alot

  7. i micorwaved the vaseline and honey but who cares you put ice in it and fwa lah you have some lip balm

  8. Very easy to make, the honey clumped and fell to the bottom though. It won’t go bad if it isn’t stored in the refrigerator, right? Because I’ve seen other recipes that say it needs to be kept in the refrigerator.

  9. If your doing this with vaseline theres no need to microwave just mix well it does the same except causes alot less fuss great recipe really easy and effective!

  10. i really don’t want to use vasaline maybe a uncolored chapstick?

  11. Thanks 2 this project I will honey lips. YUM!

  12. Great idea! I’ve been looking everywhere for easy diy
    Lip balm then I found this!!!!!

  13. do you have one for mango and papaya

  14. Great recipe. Haven’t tried yet but will soon. And so simple to make! Thanks

  15. i think this recipe will be perfect for me to sell at school. we are having a business day for fifth grade and i will be sure to sell this to the girls and it will work out great because its not expensive and is easy to do

  16. I made this lip balm this afternoon. I used a tiny bit of Diamond Shine lipstick to tint, and the color came out muted and pretty. The extremely small bits of glitter in the lipstick look quite nice swirled around in the lip gloss.


    The honey did not want to mix into the vaseline even though I tried just about every method I know to stir the ingredients together. Eventually as the mix cooled off in my little pots, I had honey settled at the bottom. That was dissapointing to me.

  17. yumm

  18. This is such a cute idea! I love it!! 🙂

  19. hey this is a great idea but is it true that vaseline would leave my skin dry i live in a hostel and we dont have a fridge here, how else could i cool this..?? thank you!!

  20. i want to start a makeup line to make a little money and this is the perfect way!

  21. i havent tried it yet but it looks like a lot of fun and very easy! i am 11 and starting a makeup line and i just really dont wanna have to make things with beeswax.
    Thanx so much!

  22. sweet

  23. Wow. Alot of people don’t know how to spell.

    Anyways, i like this idea. Dont put directly in sun, in this case you wont have Vitaman E. I Loved this idea and will try it.

  24. hey i tried putting kool aid mix instead of the honey and it worked out great!

  25. I love it. i use it instead of wasting money of expencive lip balms
    Tankyou so much for the recipie. it was awsome!!!!!!! 🙂

  26. I love this!

    I’m 10 yrs. old and I make my own ‘company’ with it and sold a lot.

    P.S.: I use the collected money to donate to the WWF. thx. this recipe saves some animals and the wild!!

  27. this recipe would be so much better without the petroleum products. Your body isn’t the place for this stuff, whether it’s on your skin(your biggest organ!) or on your lips(where it becomes ingested). it keeps your skin from breathing, keeping moisture in, but dries the surface, so you’ll need to use more. Also, the benefits of the honey will be zero mixed with petroleum jelly.
    Try Jojoba oil, vitamin E(a natural preservative) and cocoa butter. Beeswax will firm up your mixture.

  28. can you subsitute the petroleum jelly and vaseline? i dont have those and hopefully i’m not gonna have to go the store

  29. this project is very easy to do

  30. I did this and the honey went to the bottom .
    I tried making it without microwaving it and it works really well.

  31. i used a little more honey, and added a little nivea lip balm too and let it set in the fridge a bit in an old screw up lip balm tube, smells so good! leaves my lips so soft – thankyou! easy, and great!

  32. I think that i will absolutly enjoy makeing this lipgloss! I think my lil sister will like it too 🙂 thanx

  33. i made this yesterday it is really fun to make im 11 and my friends and i made it for out class and sold tons of it

  34. wow this looks soo cool and easy!!!

  35. Really amzing
    thanks 4 sharing

  36. this look really awesome
    could u add flav
    o and how much huney u add??
    anyway im gonna try it anyway
    3 star b4 i try it

  37. FYI Vaseline (because it’s made of petroleum) dries lips/skin out, so you have to keep re-applying it. Better to use something natural like jojoba oil.

  38. This is awesome im so gonna make this! 😉

  39. that recipse is cool.But you can add a coconut will make the lip balm softer! i’ve tried! so cooooool!!
    but just add a bit or it will be a “LIP GLOSS” 🙂

  40. when does it say to use chocolate in the recipe, and how many seconds do we microwave it cause im not very good with approximation

  41. how many seconds do you microwave it??

  42. so cool im giving some to my friends! thanks!!! so

  43. this stuff smells yumm

  44. This is a really cool recipe. U can add things to it too like body glitter or smashed eyeshadow. I tried and it great!

  45. this is amazing! i was making it with my sis and we had so much fun

  46. O.M.G!this is such an eazy recipe!my lips are really bad in winter and if i try to smile they crack and lips are hailing this recipe!lol.thnx pplz

  47. Awesome! 🙂

  48. For everyone that asked, petroleum jelly is just a softer chap stick, and you can substitute it with vaseline.

  49. its easy to create nice lip balm!!!

  50. soo cool!!

  51. Very easy! yet wonderful!

  52. I tried it, but the honey just kinda lumped together and the vaseline was just normal vaseline. Did I do something wrong??

  53. totes easy!

  54. cobaltpearl3 says

    super easy!

  55. does this work well…i’m worried it won’t work after i spend this money!!! any help?!

  56. Seriously ppl just calm down!!! No need to put it in the freezer or anything… just follow the directions… lol…:):P:D

  57. Havn’t tried it yet but it looks really cool! My lips get chapped easily so this might be good!

  58. too gud will try it

  59. Nice. That looks very easy. Uhm, we can substitute petroleum jelly for vaseline, right?

  60. tx

  61. Is vaseline the same as using chapstick?

  62. good

  63. this is great! no more sticky balm!

  64. i didnt like this.

  65. I tried it but the honey kept falling to the bottom and the vaseline layed on top. But, I gave it another try and it worked out fantastic!

  66. It was easy. I discovered if you just mix the ingredients together it makes a facial.

  67. sounds easy and fun. I am looking forward to trying it 🙂

  68. it smelt a bit funny when we were making it but really easy to make!

  69. This loooked strange when it was drying. So we added our own ingrediants and now its looks and works very well!

  70. Magykmaddie says

    This is a simple and easy way to make lipbalm

  71. SO simple!

  72. i love this recipe its so easy

  73. It’s a great relief to finally have a lip balm that does not include beeswax! It’s such a pain to get. i didn’t even have to go shopping for these ingredients and the balm works great! Thnx!!!!!

  74. I’m making it for my sister-in-law for christmas.

  75. love the recipe! i tryd it and it worked really well!!!!

  76. Hi anyone here because I would like to know if I can use instead of honey pepermint oil or lavender oil?

  77. Is vaseline like putroluim jelly? Can I use that?

  78. AmbersMonkeys says

    I tried this but the honey kept separating from the vaseline……any ideas on that?

  79. It’s good because it quite simple!! i am going to do it for sure!!!

  80. I tried this and it worked very well for me. Great idea.

  81. I really liked it! It’s simple to make and works really well.

  82. Super yum! I also made one for my bff

  83. have to agree that perhaps an older pot would be handy. I have a set of saucepans just for craft, you can pick up cheap ones at discount stores or purchase new ones for the kitchen and use your old ones for craft.

  84. How would it work if you used butterscotch chips or white chocolate chips in substitution for the chocolate chips?

  85. cool

  86. does this need to be used in a certain amount of time? will it go bad?

  87. i don’t know how u ppl managed to make this, but the vaseline doesn’t wash off the container that i melted it in, nor does it wash off my hand.

  88. It doesnt say to put it in the freezer.. So Dont! go by the instructions not the comments and no its not crucial its in an airtight container.

  89. does it need to be in an airtight container?

  90. so are you supposed to put it in the freezer?

  91. whoever said then you put it in the freezer? I had the same problem!!! but then just let it wait 4 5-15 min. and it is like storebought! I LOVED IT!!!

  92. then you put it in the freezer?

  93. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    If yours “stinks” you either dont like chocolate or you may have scorched the vasaline. Try one of the other scented lip balm recipes

  94. I tried this and well, I ended up with a stinky ending. I eyed out the directions word to word, but it reaally stinked. I’ll give it and Average 3 stars for the effort.

  95. I think It would be awesome to make! Great Idea!

  96. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Beecrafty, try our other lipbalm recipes for more falvours

  97. Great idea. How could you change the flavour.

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