Lighted Christmas Wine Bottle

Lighted Christmas Wine Bottle

This Christmas craft project shows you how to up-cycle an old wine bottle into a very decorative and festive craft.

What you need

Empty wine bottle
Battery operated Christmas lights
Fine glitter
PVA or White craft glue (that dries clear)
Spray varnish (optional)
J.O.Y sticky letters or other letters for your quote.


The tutorial is perfect as a quick Christmas craft and suitable for table decorations or centerpieces.

Start by removing the labels off you wine bottle. Do this by soaking in hot water and scrubbing clean whilst still wet.

Attach Letters

Attach your letters to your wine bottle and make sure they are pressed on firmly.

Tape off any areas you do not want to glitter.

Apply Glue

Apply the glue to the bottle and sprinkle the glitter all over the wet glue. You may need to touch up areas with glue and glitter to make sure it’s well coated.

Whilst it is still wet, carefully remove the sticky letters. If you wait till it dries the glue will peel back to glitter all over the bottle.

Apply Varnish

Allow to dry and apply a thin coat of spray varnish of hair spray to secure the glitter.

Push the battery operated lights into the bottle and secure the battery pack to the back with craft glue.

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