Learn to make a Wire Poinsettia

Learn to make a Wire Poinsettia

Who doesn't love the cheerful poinsettia? But did you know that real poinsettias are toxic to pets and children? If you prefer something a bit more modern than standard silk poinsettias and you don’t want live plants in your home consider making a beautiful bouquet of wire poinsettias instead. Tuck single flowers into tree branches or garlands as ornaments, fill a wreath form with different sized wire poinsettias or use them instead of paper bows for decorating packages.

What you need

You Will Need:
•20-gauge beading wire
•1 pearl bead


To make a flower that is approximately 7 inches across cut one length of wire 20-inches long, one 24-inches long and one that is 30-inches long. Form each wire into a cluster of three petals. Bend the shortest wire into petals that are 2 to 3 inches long. The second cluster should have petals that are 3 to 4 inches and the longest cluster should have flowers that are 4 to 5 inches longer. As the petals increase in length also make them proportionally wider.  Work with the natural curve of the wire so the petals turn up slightly. Save a stem of wire (at least one inch) as you begin and end each cluster. Bend and twist each petal so it stays closed. When the petals are shaped wrap the two stems together to secure the cluster.

String beads (one or more) onto a 12-inch piece of wire. Slide the beads onto the center of the wire, bring the two ends up and twist them near the beads to form a small cluster. Bend and shape the beads on the wire until they look like a flower center. Continue twisting the two ends to form one stem.

Join all the elements by sliding the wire stem of the middle-sized petals into the center of the largest cluster of petals. Slide on the smallest petal cluster next and then poke the stem of the bead cluster through all the layers. You will have to finagle it all a bit to get all the pieces to lay together. Fan out the petals so they are evenly placed. Twist all the stems together to form one strong stem. Form a loop from the stem if you want to hang them like ornaments or use them on packages. Leave the stems long and wrap them with floral wire if you want to display the poinsettias in a vase.

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