Learn to Applique: Heart Valentine Pillow

Learn to Applique: Heart Valentine Pillow

Looking for a geeky and unique Valentines Day gift? You've came to the right place then! Here's a fun and simple gift idea for your geeky Valentine making a Aztec applique pillow! We will teach you how to do applique as well.

What you need

You will need the following materials to make this pillow:
1) Cotton fabric
2) Felt
3) Needle and thread
4) Sewing machine
5) Scissors
6) Pencil and paper


heartaztec (1)

Step-1: Before you get started draw an aztec heart pattern on a paper. Keep the pattern simple. To create a heart shaped aztec pattern it’s better to use triangles ans squares. Draw a design or download and print one. Cut the shapes from the template and arrange them accordingly. Trace the shapes on felts and cut them out. I used 2 colors, red and light brown felts. Mix and match the colors for the shapes. Arrange the cutout felts to check the pattern before moving towards the next step.

heartaztec (2)

Step-2: Prepare fabrics for the pillow cover. Take the front piece of the pillow fabric and iron it nicely. Place a scrap paper on your craft space (table or flat surface) and then place the fabric piece on the scrap paper. You can stitch the felt pieces on the fabric but it’s better to use fabric glue.

heartaztec (3)

Step-3: We’ll keep the felt pieces arranged as we did in step 1. Mark the center of the pillow cover piece. Take the center piece of the aztec heart pattern and apply glue on the back side of it. Apply glue around the border and on the center of the felt. Place the glued side on the marked center area of the pillow cover fabric. Now glue the other felt pieces one by one according to the template.

heartaztec (4)

Step-4: Once you are done with gluing all the felt pieces press each piece to make sure that they’re glued well. Finally iron the pattern carefully in medium heat.

heartaztec (5)

Step-5: Time to complete the pillow cover. Simply sew the back piece to complete the cover. You can attach a zipper or create a no-zipper pillow cover, however you wish. Simply insert your cushion or pillow. Have fun crafting one!


  1. Pretty, although I am not sure that ironing will do the trick all the time.

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