Knit Bunny Ear Hat

Knit Bunny Ear Hat

A hat with bunny ears is cute for kids of all ages, whether to help them warm up and still look festive at an Easter egg hunt or just for animal sweetness any time of year.

The project is a simple Stockinette hat worked in the round with bulky yarn. Stitches are picked up and knit from the top to form the ears, and pink yarn of a similar weight is knit separately and stitched on to make the inner part of the ears.

What you need

one skein Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky, or about 56 (62, 74, 85) yards bulky yarn of your choice
a scrap, about 7 yards, of bulky pink yarn of your choice
set of 4 size 10.5 US double-pointed knitting needles (for larger sizes you can also start with a 16-inch circular and move to double points as you decrease stitches)
yarn needle



14 stitches and 18 rounds per 4 inches/10 cm in Stockinette Stitch in the round.


Finished hat is about 14 (16, 18, 20) inches/35.5 (40.5, 46, 51) cm around and 5 (5.5, 6.5, 7.5) inches/13 (14, 16.5, 19) cm tall. To fit a newborn (baby, toddler, older child). Instructions are given for the smallest size first with larger sizes in parentheses. Model is largest size.knit bunny hat kids

Knitting the Hat:

Cast on 48 (56, 64, 72) stitches. Divide onto three needles if using DPNs and join in the round.

Work in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for  1 inch (1 inch, 2 inches, 2 inches)/ 2.5 (2.5, 5, 5) cm.

Change to Stockinette Stitch and work a further 2 (2.5,  2.5, 2.5) inches/ 5 (6, 6, 6) cm.

*K6, k2tog. Repeat from * around.

K 1 round.

*K5, k2tog. Repeat from *around.

K 1 round.

*K4, k2tog. Repeat from *around.

K 1 round.

*K3, k2tog. Repeat from *around.

K 1 round.

*K2, k2tog. Repeat from *around.

K 1 round.

*k2tog. Repeat from * around.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread yarn onto yarn needle, slip remaining stitches onto yarn and pull tight.bunny hat ear


Knitting the Ears:

Chose a spot near the top of the hat and work down. Using the same yarn, pick up and knit 9 stitches.

Work in Stockinette Stitch for 8 inches/20 cm.

ssk, k4, k2tog.

K 1 row.

ssk, k2, k2tog.

K 1 row.

ssk, k2tog.

K 1 row.

k2tog to finish. Cut yarn.tip of the bunny hat ear

Repeat on other side of hat.

Using the contrast yarn, cast on 9 stitches and work as for the main ear.

Using the contrast yarn, sew the pink lining into the white ear, right sides out.



  1. This is a very strange looking bunny hat. Why are the ears backwards?

  2. Love it can you download it going to make it

  3. The hat looks adorable. Any little kid would love it. Thank you. Margo Parks

  4. mamainastitch says

    Really precious!

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