Baby Shower – Car Diaper Cake

Baby Shower  – Car Diaper Cake

Got a baby shower coming up? Make this diaper cake that looks like a car with a teddy riding it.

What you need

52 size 1 diapers (quantity will vary depending on what size diapers you chose to use),
1 inch or thicker ribbon,
1 bib,
2 receiving blankets,
1 pair of baby socks,
A bag of rubber bands,
Hot glue gun,
Teddy bear or stuffed animal and
Munchkin dishwasher safe basket or a small box (weird but I used a tampon box and wrapped it in wrapping paper)


Step 1: Start by laying 4 diapers down flat and leaving a 1 inch overlay. Roll those 4 diapers around each other to create a circle/tire effect and secure with a large rubber band.

Step 2: Continue to add 8 more diapers around the 4 diapers in a flat over laying manner. Make sure the rubber band is big enough to hold all diapers securely. 1 wheel should have a total of 12 diapers.

Step 3: Tepeat step 2 untill you have 4 wheels.

Step 4: Using a hot glue gun and your thick ribbon glue a strand of ribbon along the center of all 4 tires for a tread effect.

Step 5: Roll up 2 diapers and put inside each end of the 2 paper towel rolls totaling 4 diapers used. This is just to give your 4-wheeler a little more stability when transferring or adding things.

Step 6: Take 2 wheels and 1 paper towel roll. In the very center of the wheels you will need to separate diapers to make enough room to insert one end of the paper towel roll. You will do this for both sets of wheels. 1 paper towel roll will have a wheel on each end.

Step 7: Folding 1 receiving blanket in a vertical way to make it long and narrow you will then wrap it around both paper towel rolls to cover them up. (You can do this anyway you wish). Then just simply tape the blanket so it stays. (I did not do this part in my example but I totally should have).

Step 8: Take 2nd receiving blanket and roll it up long ways so it looks like a pencil or stick. Then lay it down on a flat surface. Place the munchkin dishwasher safe basket or the box of your choice on top of it. Make sure the rolled blanket is at the very top of the box/basket. You will then wrap the blanket up around the sides of the box/basket and meet them in the middle and secure with a rubber band.

Step 9: Place box/basket on top of the axle/covered paper towel rolls. (You may need to slide the wheels to make it fit).

Step 10: On the rolled up blanket that you wrapped around the box/basket you will take the 2 top ends and fold them outward creating the handlebar effect. And put 1 sock on each end to act as handles.

Step 11: Place the bib around the handlebars for finer effect and decoration.

Step 12: Place teddy bear or stuffed animal on top for the rider of the 4-wheeler and I would use a ribbon to secure him on. Simply wrap the ribbon around the teddy bear and tie it onto the handlebars making a bow in the front for decoration.

** Everything but the paper towel roll and the box if you used something other than the munchkin basket is usable for the mother to be or baby. Feel free to add your own twist to it.

** Keep in mind this was my very first time making this. So in the picture I have provided it is a little amateur looking. But it is great fun to make. I have made more since then but have not taken any recent pictures.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!