Kids Craft – Rolling Pin Snowman

Kids Craft – Rolling Pin Snowman

This kids Christmas craft shows you how to paint a small rolling pin to create a kitchen-themed rolling pin that can hang on the Christmas tree.

What you need

Rolling pins
Assorted acrylic paints
Black buttons
Paint Pens
Craft Glue


This tutorial shows you how to make a Christmas snowman rolling pin, used as a Christmas decoration. This rolling pin can be hung on the tree if you use miniature rolling pins or around the house.

Start by painting your rolling pin white for the background of the snowman. For the facial features, I prefer to use Paint pens which are very easy for children to use and enable children to add fine details.

Glue the buttons and ribbon in place a shown above.

Attach a string for hanging and your Christmas ornament is complete.

This photo was contributed by Susan  B who is a member of our Facebook Christmas Crafts group. 

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