Key Cover Laynard

Key Cover Laynard

This sewing project shows you how to make a key cover lanyard for kids or for adults depending on your fabric choice.

What you need

4 x 6 inch (10.5 cm x 15cm) cotton fabric or fabric of your choice.

1 yard (1 mt) of cord, ribbon or binding.


The cloth cover protects your keys from grime as well as hides away the obvious clanging clutter of keys around your neck.

Take the fabric piece and fold it in half lengthwise (6 inch side) . Turn inside out and sew down the edge to form a tube.

Sew a small hem across the top of the tube. Using a running stitch draw up the top to form a small hole as shown with the blue example below. This is where your cord will thread through.

You can use ribbon for the lanyard or an existing work lanyard.

If you are using a ribbon or cord, consider attaching a press stud for easy release or simply tie a knot around your keys. This will really depend on your requirements. Eg.  Do you need to un-attach your keys when using them?

If you are using an existing lanyard then finishing off is the same, simply thread your cord through the hole with your keys at the bottom.


  1. Neat idea…thanks !

  2. I love this craft. I’ll have to make some matching ones for my friends and I!

  3. prosserj says

    Wonderful idea for an elderly friend who is always locking herself out of her house. She can just wear one of these every day and garden in peace.

  4. This is so much more beautiful than the keycords (so they are called overhere) which some kids are wearing… Nice idea, I think I’m going to look for a nice piece of fabric to make me one…

  5. This is such a cute craft. I think I’ll make one tonight! Good excuse to whip out the sewing machine.

  6. Hhmm…that’s kinda cute:)

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