Jumbo Craft Stick Angels

Jumbo Craft Stick Angels

These are great as gift tags, and then they can be used as ornaments. They can also be made using regular sized craft sticks.

What you need

l jumbo craft stick
8″ X 1″ strip of any scrap material
2″ piece of poster board for the heart
jute, yarn, or twine for the hair
fine line black marker
pink marker or crayon
medium black marker
white glue or hot glue


 Step 1. Tie a bundle of yarn, jute, or twine to use for the hair. (Wind around your fingers, then tie into a bundle in the center, and cut the loops at the ends.)

Glue it to the top of a jumbo craft stick.

Step 2. Use fine black marker, and draw on the facial features. Use a pink marker or crayon to make circles for the cheeks.

Step 3. Tie strip of scrap material around the craft stick, the way you would tie a scarf around your neck. Glue in place to secure. Bring the two ends of the scarf down to the sides of the craft stick and glue them in place. This will look like a dress.

Step 4. Cut out a heart from poster board, draw lines all around the outside edges, and print anything you wish in the heart. Glue it on the front of the craft stick.

Step 5. Using fine line marker, draw a line down the center of the exposed craft stick, to indicate two legs. At the bottom of the craft stick, use the medium marker to color in the shoes.

Step 6. At the neck, glue a bundle of whatever you have on hand,( jute, twine, yarn, torn strip of fabric or ribbon).

Step 7. Make a loop of scrap jute or material, and glue it to the back of the craft stick for a hanger.

Easy, but cute!! This project was contributed by Emilda Harrington


  1. love it

  2. I’m going to present this to my fourth grade students and see how they like this.

  3. easy and cute

  4. These are cute and a great way to recycle something you would normally discard into something useable and adorable.

  5. Sweet and easy to make

  6. Adorable!

  7. they are so cute!

  8. so cute i love it

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