Indian Sun Catcher

Indian Sun Catcher

This fabric sun catcher is fun to make and looks great hanging in front of a window.

What you need

2 inch wide ribbon or fabric for binding. You will need about 10 yards (10mts)
Fishing line
Small Craft Mirrors


You can use fabric scraps or ribbon that you have on hand and create your own themed sun catcher. For this project we used an Indian sari fabric for a Indian themed sun catcher for our upcoming festival. You could use Christmas fabric for a lovely holiday gift.

To make the shapes use a heavy cardboard to cut out your diamond frames.

We made 3 frames in different sizes and one small circle for the bottom.

Once you have all your shapes cut out, bind the shapes with the ribbon or fabric. Secure the ends with some glue.

Create some beaded dangles with some fishing line and assorted beads and tie these onto the ends of the diamonds.

Use these beaded strands to secure the smaller triangle into the large one and so one as shown.

All done!


  1. Very nice, but missing some supplies and some steps in the instructions.
    The supply list calls for small mirrors but there is no mention of them in the instructions. I can make a guess based on the picture but that would be missing the point of providing instructions. Also, the instructions call for glue to be used and glue is not included in the supply list. The issue isn’t about figuring out that glue is needed, it is that crafters tend to like to have all of their materials ready before starting the project, hence including a supply list in the first place. It would be irritating to gather supplies with the intention of going somewhere other than home to work on this and discovering the list is incomplete after you arrive wherever else it is that you are working.


  3. cool i could use this to decorate my room

  4. did it loved it

  5. it looks really good better than i thought it would be. becuase when i first looked at the words on the menu i thought that this might not look as good but i looks brillant better than i thought

  6. Very creative and pretty.

  7. It’s so pretty! And shiny!

  8. Miss World says

    this is cute! 😀

  9. i like this idea. i think i myself dont have enough cougrage to do art project with child. ( in front of other adults.) iam a ecec student. I think your idea are great for the childrens development.This is great to intro other cultures other thenmainsteam

  10. simple but looks great!!

  11. it’s so pretty!:)

  12. I think it looks rely good

  13. cuuuute

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