Index Card Note Deck

Index Card Note Deck

These little note decks are so quick and easy to make that you'll probably want to make dozens of them. This is also a great project for using up small scraps of paper or leftover index cards.

What you need

Stack of index cards (multiple colors of cards can be used to create pretty note decks)
Scrapbook cardstock or paper
Scrapbook cardstock, poster board or thin cardboard (you only need two small pieces, to be used for the front and back cover)
Adhesive squares, tape runner or craft glue
Narrow ribbon, string, cord or yarn
Hole punch
Paper trimmer (optional)
Decorative paper edge and corner trimmers (optional)
Yarn needle
Various embellishments as desired (such as rubber stamps, decals or paper flowers)


These small note decks can be used for many different purposes. Students can use them for class notes and study sessions. They can be used as mini photo albums, or as a convenient small recipe book. You can also write quotations or poetry on each small page, which would make a nice little booklet to include with a gift.

You can make these small decks in any size you desire.

They are easy to make from small or large index cards, but you could also cut up leftover cardstock or scrapbook paper to make any size deck you desire.


1.    Decide on the finished size of the note deck. If using index cards, you’ll already have appropriately sized pages. If you want to make your pages from scrapbook cardstock, construction paper or other paper, you’ll need to measure and cut each page identically. A paper trimmer can be very handy for this step. Using ruled index cards can make it easy to write on the pages. You’ll also want to cut a matching front and back cover for your note deck, using cardstock, poster board or thin cardboard.

2.    If you want to create a decorative edge on one or more sides of your note deck, you can use scissors, rounded or decorative edge and corner cutters, or paper punches. Each page should be cut in the exact same fashion. Create a template from lightweight cardboard, which you can then use to trace the decorative shape onto each page. Use scissors to cut each page to shape, following the pencil guidelines.

3.    Punch a small hole in the top of each page, using a paper hole punch. Be sure that the hole is in the same location on every page, so that your pages will all line up properly.

4.    Cut a piece of ribbon, cord, yarn or string approximately 12 inches long. You could also use two different colors to add a decorative touch. Fold the length of string in half. With the pages stacked neatly, push the looped end through the holes. Pull the free ends of the string through the loop, forming a knot. You can then knot the loose ends of the string and trim neatly.

5.    Embellish the front of the note deck as desired, using scrapbook paper scraps, decals, or rubber stamps.

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