I Love Music Pencil Holder

I Love Music Pencil Holder

A simple idea to decorate a tin and convert it into a pencil holder with a music theme.

What you need

1. Tin can
2. music sheet.
3. water color, paint brushes.
4. Ribbon
5. hot glue gun


1. Wash out your tin can with soap.

2. Get your music sheets and paint it with pretty water colors of you choice!

3. When paint is dry, measure your tin can, cut the paper to that size.

4. Hot glue the first to laying corners, then as you continue to wrap around put small hot glue dots then rub them out.

5. Wrap your ribbon on the inside and out side of the tin can.

6. Wrap the rest of the ribbon around the middle then make a bow. Cut out a heart shape from your remaining paper and hot glue it on to the knot part of the bow.

Have fun!

This will take time because of the drying.


  1. Wow adorable!! My daughter’s music teacher loved it!!!!!

  2. Really Cute!

  3. Wow great… My little girl loved making it for her grandma!

  4. teacherspet11 says

    Heyy! This might take half a day because of the drying it has to do!! I hope you have fun!

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