Easter Craft: Hungry Bunny Embellishment

Easter Craft: Hungry Bunny Embellishment

This free Easter craft project shows you how to make an embellishment that can be used on paper and card crafts.

What you need

Craft foam or Card stock in Orange, White, Pink
Wobble Eyes
Marker pen


Use the pattern below for a pattern or freehand the simple shapes for your child to cut out.

Printable Bunny Pattern

Using your fingers tear some bite marks into the middle of the carrot

Glue the rabbits body to the back of the carrot and add the arms to the front of the carrot.

Add the eyes, nose and ear inserts.

This foam bunny is about 10 cm’s in height and can be used to make craft picks by sticking onto a wooden craft sticks or thick card.

Use them to decorate baskets, for Scrapbooking layouts or cards and much much more.


  1. purplecat777 says

    Just soooo cute, I will definately using this one this year, its a great slant on the standard easter bunny, great work

  2. SO easy and cute, balances perfectly under our door handle

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