How to Paint Wicker

How to Paint Wicker

Wickerware is the type of furniture you are likely to hold on to over the years and hence it can look rather drab. A fresh coat of paint will revamp your furniture in no time.

What you need


Krylon Spray Paint

Wicker cleaner



You can use almost any paint to colour wicker but the simplest is spray paint as it is long lasting and most important its durable.

If the article has been previously painted or varnished, rub down the surface with medium sized sand paper. All wickerware, whether old or new, should then be washed thoroughly using warm water, detergent and a stiff scrubbing brush. Allow to dry out completely before attempting to paint it.

What to paint:

You can paint the wicker in a solid color or for a little more creativity try different paint techniques to for a different look. You could rub a darker shade onto the raised areas for a nice rustic look.

You can add detail to your work by using stencils, either store-bought or make your own.

When spray painting your wicker in sure you have protected your working area with newspaper and also allow for overspray as this can be unnoticeable yet quite effective in coating everything around you.

It is best to apply several light coats rather than one heavy coat, this will prevent paint runs and clumps of paint in the wicker. To get inside the wicker paint each coat as a different angle this way all areas in the grain is going to get covered.

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