Home Made Craft Wings

Home Made Craft Wings

These wings are made using a glue. As the glue dries it creates a thick plastic like substance - perfect to mold like wings.

What you need

PVA = Poly vinyl acetate (white wood glue)
Glitter sprinkles
Plastic film or tray


To make these PVA wings, you need to take your piece of plastic or film and lay it out flat.

Using the PVA glue either paint it on with a brush or use a squeeze bottle to outline the shape of your wings on to the plastic.

If you can’t do it freehand you can always place a sheet of paper underneath with an image on and trace it.

Once you have your thick glue outline in the shape of some wings, fill in the wings with the glue.

Your glue should be at least 3 mm thick or the wings will not come out strong enough.

Once you have your (now, wet white glue) wings drawn, take the glitter and sprinkle it over the glue.

angel wings

The white glue dries clear, so it is possible to use the glitter to create spot’s or other designs on the wings.

Allow the wings to dry completely. That is when you can no longer see any white glue. It should be clear and hard.

Once the wings are dry, carefully peel them off the plastic film. You can now cut, shape or glue these wings.

They will also stick to any non porous surface like glass or metal.

These wings can be used as window clings.


  1. Nice and easy fairy wings – good!

  2. diosaperdida says

    cool..I used to do similar to this as a kid to make fake fingernails!

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