Heart of Ribbon Burlap Pillow

Heart of Ribbon Burlap Pillow

Use some burlap and ribbon to create this Valentine's themed pillow!

What you need

burlap, ribbon, fabric flower (optional), sewing machine, large needle, stuffing


1. Cut your burlap into 2 squares, 13″x13″ each. You can of course change the size to whatever size pillow you want.



2. Cut a 33″ piece of ribbon (measured for my 13″ pillow).

3. Thread your ribbon into a large embroidery type needle. Use it to stitch a heart onto one of the pieces of burlap, leaving the ribbon ends hanging of the front of the burlap.

I just eyeballed the heart shape as I was stitching it, but you can always use a heart template if you need to.


4. Tie the 2 ends together in either a knot or a bow.


5. Place the 2 pieces of burlap right sides together and pin them. Stitch around the outside edges giving them a 1/2″ seam allowance and leaving a 4″ opening to flip right side out.


6. Flip right side out and stuff. Once you’ve got it stuffed as much as you want (you can make it really fluffy or a bit flatter), use a needle and embroidery thread to stitch the opening closed.


7. I also added a fabric rose to the front, that’s optional but I liked the added embellishment.

IMG_8422 IMG_8423

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