Head Band – Caution Tape

Head Band – Caution Tape

This project is an interesting way to transform an everyday headband into something bright and playful.

What you need

2 feet of caution tape
Same amount of scrap fabric for backing
Sewing machine (optional)
Needle and thread


When people see that you are wearing caution tape on your head they are sure to comment and appreciate your creation.

Step One
Cut the caution tape with the length you want your headband to be. Make sure that it fits around your head by trying it on, and then cut the ends to an angle so they tie better.

Caution Tape

Step Two
Once you have the caution tape cut lay the piece on your chosen scrap fabric. Cut out a piece of fabric the same size as the caution tape to use as backing. If you wish you can use a cute pattern as backing and make the headband reversible.

Step Three
Lay the two pieces together and pin them so they can be sewn.

Step Four
Sew the two pieces together. The sewing machine works pretty well, although you must be careful when working with the caution tape as it can get caught or ripped. If you are less experienced with sewing then try it by hand. Stitch around the outside and connect the two pieces of fabric together. Don?t worry if you mess up, just cut some more tape and try again until you get the perfect headband.

Step Five
Wear it! The caution tape is pretty thick so I always folded it in half and wore it, but you can do what you want. Everyone will be asking where you got your unique headpiece and they will be even more stunned when they found out you made it.

Don’t wear over wet hair the letters will fade, unless of course you want to create a distressed look.


Try cutting the tape differently, you could just take a skinnier strip out of the middle, making it harder to tell that your wearing caution tape.

Embellish it! Why not add some strategically placed buttons or safety pins to make your headband pop just a little bit more? Use a double layer of caution tape or put a patterned fabric upwards. The caution tape is pretty thin so these things will create an interesting background to the headband.


  1. This is pretty sweet! 🙂
    Planning to make this during the hols!!! 🙂


  2. i love it! i think it is so very creative1 and recyclable!

  3. awsome

  4. thats a awsome craft, totally love it!!!!!

  5. thats a awsome craft, totally love it!!!!!

  6. haha thats pretty cool but i dont wear headbands so im outta luck.

  7. Wow! I love this craft!!! This is a fun and edgy accessory. How creative, too! Thank you!


  8. Totally wsome! I’m gonna ask my dad if he has any caution tape!

  9. wow this would match my bra and undies that i have on!! 🙂

  10. so cool

  11. that’s pretty cool

  12. I love it! Can’t wait to give it a try.

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