Halloween Yard Art – Black Cats

Halloween Yard Art – Black Cats

This Halloween tutorial shows you how to take reclaimed upcycled wood and turn it into fun Black cats for Halloween

What you need

Reclaimed Wood
A saw; circular or manual
Black Paint
White or Yellow Paint
Halloween Ribbon
Fake Insects
A medium paint brush and a small paint brush


Begin by cutting your reclaimed wood down to the desired size. I cut down to 12″.
Clean the wood if needed using dish soap, vinegar and water.
Allow to dry.
Using a saw, cut a V shaped notch into the end of your board. Remove this section of wood.
Paint the wood black and allow to dry.
Using the end of the small paint brush (or a pencil eraser) you would not paint with normally, dip it into your white or yellow paint.
Determine where you want to place the eyes and using the end of the paint brush stamp your eyes on the board.
Allow to dry for about 30 minutes.
Now, dip the small paint brush into the black paint and create one simple line vertically in the eyes.
Allow to dry.
Cut a section of ribbon that will wrap around the board completely.
Secure with glue to create a collar for the cat.
Attach a fake insect, like a novelty Halloween fly to the collar to complete the effect.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!