Halloween Treat Bag With A Scary Bat

Halloween Treat Bag With A Scary Bat

This Halloween kids craft project featuring a bat shows you how to make a very simple treat bag. It is made out of felt and is perfect for trick or treating or for decorations.

What you need

Black felt
Black chenille stems
Yellow chenille stems
Yellow yarn
Black thread
Sewing needle
White Glue
Fabric glue (optional)


Cut a 7” x 31/2” rectangle for each bag. Then fold the rectangle in half to create a 31/2” x 31/2” square.

Use the needle and thread, to stitch up the sides of the bag. Or use fabric glue.

Take a black chenille stem and a yellow chenille stem and twist them together.

Bend the newly created variegated stem into a handle.

Tuck each end about 2 inches into the bag and glue in place.

Tuck a scrap of cardboard of paper into the bag before creating the full moon, to prevent the glue from soaking through to the other side.

Squeeze out white glue onto the front of the bag to create a 2” circle. Arrange a length of yellow yarn into a spiralling circle to form the full moon.

Cut the bat silhouette from black felt and glue on top of the moon.

Let dry and then fill with bite sized goodies for a real trick-or-treaters treat!

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