Halloween Skull Wreath

Halloween Skull Wreath

Supplies (everything was purchased at Dollar Tree to make this wreath but you can purchase most of these supplies from any good discount store.)

What you need






Start by painting the eyeballs on the wooden beads by threading the bead on a chenille wire to hold it up and painting the white metallic as the main part of the eyeball, then blue for the iris and the black as the pupil any desired details. Paint 5-6 eyeballs and allow the paint to dry completely before sealing with Mod Podge or other craft sealant.

Pop off the tops of the faux flowers, then wrap a floral wire around the base of each flower and secure it to the wreath.

Continue securing the flowers to the wreath, pressing them together until the entire form is covered in the mixed flowers.

Using wire cutters, cut two holes about 1 inch apart in the back of the plastic skull.

Thread a chenille wire through the two holes in the back of the skull and use this chenille wire to affix the skull to the wreath form securely.

Use the chenille wires attached to the wood bead eyeballs to affix the eyeballs to the wreath frame randomly across the entire wreath.

Hot glue the bats or other plastic animals to the flowers, on top of the petals so they look like their crawling across the flowers.




  1. Looks like fun but with each piece costing $1, looks expensive. I’ll try some variation as my fiance LOVES and collects skulls. Thanks for posting.

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