Halloween Felt Monster Mask

Halloween Felt Monster Mask

Make a mask for Halloween using black and orange felt.

What you need

Black and Orange Felt
Sewing Machine


Step 1. Print off the PDF pattern (Halloween Felt Monster Mask).

Step 2. Pin the pattern to your felt and cut it out.

Cut The Felt As Per The Pattern

Step 3. Pin the zigzag/hair to the top edge of your mask.

Pin The Zig-Zag Pattern At The Top

Step 4. Sew them together by stitching along the top edge.

Sew Stitches

Step 5. Set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch, and sew “stitches” on your monster mask.

Sew Stitches On The Mask

Step 6. Cut 2 15” pieces of ribbon. Note: You might have to adjust this measurement depending on the size of your head.

Cut And Attach Ribbon

Step 7. Pin the ribbon pieces to the sides of your mask.

Pin The Ribbons

Step 8. Sew them together by stitching along the edges. I recommend going over them a couple of times to make sure they don’t come undone.

Step 9. Tie around your head!

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